My story

I believe in the inherent capacity of people and in the positive impact of choice and voice on their growth and development. My mission: To help elite artists and builders create the lives that they want, articulating their purpose and honing their practices.

With a background in high-performing schools — as a classroom teacher, athletics coach, dean of students, and director of student leadership — I'm an educator at my core. In my coaching practice, respect for the learner, admiration for teams, and engagement with the learning process have primacy.

Studying at the University of Virginia, I concentrated on East Asian history and played lacrosse as a member of the men’s varsity team. Winning a National Championship with my teammates in 2006 helped shape my understanding of team excellence. Also formatively, I earned a Master’s Degree in Independent School Leadership from the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College in 2015.

Remarkable teachers and mentors have punctuated my training –– for example:
Alexandra Carter (negotiation)
Exeter Humanities Institute (discussion facilitation)
Stand & Deliver Group (public speaking)
Jackson Katz (Mentors in Violence Prevention)
INSEAD (Transforming Your Business with AI)

I earned my ICF ACSTH certificate with Damian Goldvarg, MCC, in 2021, a specialization in coaching teams in the fall of 2022, and an ICF Level 2 certificaiton in 2023. I am a credentialed Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, as well as a Birkman Certified Professional.

I have the fortune of working with remarkable clients around the world.